Dr. Guoxiang “David” He


Experienced Houston, TX Urgent Care Physician

Dr. He graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University in 1983. He completed his residency training in family medicine in 1997 at Wichita Falls Family Practice and served as a mentor for one year after that.

His dedication and pursuit of excellence in patient care have led him to 38 years of experience. Dr. He without a doubt is a top choice for patients in search of top medical treatments, he is able to refer patients to a specialist when needed.

As a board-certified Doctor, he delivers thorough medical care for every individual that walks through our door.

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Houston Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic

Our Katy Freeway Clinic
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Houston, Texas 77055
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Houston Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic

Our Memorial Drive Clinic
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Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic, Houston, TX

Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic, Houston, TX